Atos Launches World’s Highest Performing Edge Computing Server for IoT


BullSequana Edge is an embedded server that securely manages and processes IoT data, near to the source where it is created

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, announced the launch of BullSequana Edge, which is the highest-performing edge computing server in the market globally to manage data at the edge.

The edge computing server has been designed to be used securely for the Internet of Things (IoT) and in environments where fast response times are crucial such as autonomous vehicles, manufacturing 4.0, healthcare and retail/airport security, in which data needs to be analysed and processed at the edge in real-time.

BullSequana Edge is an embedded server that securely manages and processes IoT data, near to the source where it is created, for immediate treatment. The server can analyse and run artificial intelligence (AI) applications in real-time for immediate insight, so that decisions and actions can be taken swiftly to optimise operations.

Key benefits

BullSequana Edge offers the following benefits:

  • Optimum security and privacy: Both the data and the physical server are protected by an advanced chain of security measures
  • Immediate responsiveness: Data analysis in real-time
  • Autonomy: Reduced dependence on cloud and datacenter availability and connectivity ensures that apps are not disrupted in case of limited or intermittent network connectivity. The BullSequana Edge can communicate via radio, GSM or Wi-Fi
  • Interactivity: Both multi-source and multi-format data can be analysed in real-time
  • Cost-effective: Reduced datacenter infrastructure and networking costs

Atos latest edge computing server allows businesses to overcome challenges like limited bandwidth, securing data at the edge, intermittent network connectivity and network costs.

Commenting on the development, Pierre Barnabé, Senior Executive Vice-President, Head of Big Data and Cyber Security Division at Atos, said, “The exponential growth of IoT devices and how to best manage the consequent explosion of data is a challenge faced by many businesses today. To manage and harness this mass of data to our advantage, in a post-cloud era, we need to embrace edge computing.”

“Atos brings together its expertise and experience as a leader in cloud orchestration, high-performance computing, cybersecurity and AI, to develop a unique edge computing product – the BullSequana Edge – which empowers businesses to take full advantage of the data deluge,” Barnabé added.


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