AI, Chatbot Use to Increase by Customer Service Teams in India: Report


The adoption of AI is in nascent stage but is set to surge as more teams are turning to chatbots, voice and text analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) use by customer service teams is expected to increase by 90 per cent in India, over the next one-and-a-half years, according to a latest report by the global leader in CRM – Salesforce.

In addition, the use of chatbots by customer service teams is likely to rise by 118 per cent, the report says.

The decision makers and agents view AI as a strategic advantage to employee and customer experience. The adoption of AI is in nascent stage but is set to surge as more teams are turning to chatbots, voice and text analytics, and other use cases.

Technology is making service a strategic asset and redefining the customer standards. However, the major challenge for Indian businesses is to keep up with the changing expectations of consumers.

As per the report, 93 per cent of decision-makers in India said that their company’s customer service has to transform to stay competitive. The top priority for these decision makers is to improve service technologies, followed by upgrading skills of workforce and revamping processes and workflows.

Investing in people, processes and technology

Commenting on the findings, Sunil Jose, Senior Vice President and Country Leader, Salesforce India, said, “India is a unique nation, a country of a billion proud people, who are young, growing economically, and more aware than they have ever been. Today we find ourselves at a significant point, as we emerge as a global economic and political power. It is difficult not to be excited about the potential of the Indian consumer.”

“Businesses are realising that service can drive elevated customer experiences, differentiate brands, and drive new revenue streams. As a result, service leaders are investing in their people, processes, and technology to drive nothing short of a transformation,” he added.

Today, the service agents are increasingly tasked with developing relationships and driving revenue. They have to swap their day-to-day tasks for high-value, challenging work.

In India, roles of 89 per cent of agents are more strategic in nature compared to two years ago. On the other hand, executives are increasingly understanding that customer service transformation need investment of time, resources and talent.

Majority (85 per cent) of Indian decision makers said that they are making significant investments in training of agents and 94 per cent of service agents said that they have a clear career growth path at their job, the report mentions.


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