360 Smart AI Launches Smart Security Camera in India


Equipped with industry-leading AI visual algorithm, the smart security camera can automatically adjust the viewing angles to track the trajectory of any in-breaking object

360 Smart AI, an internet platform company and a leading cyber security brand with technology-driven Internet of Things (IoT) products, launched a smart security camera in India. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) with motion detection, the camera is specifically suited to guard smart homes.

The latest camera featured 1080 P HD image sensor and can provide an output of 1280 × 720P HD images. The other significant features include wide-angle 110°, full HD, and full panorama, which allows the camera to inspect every corner of the home or place.

The smart camera comes with supercharged two-way audio for communication. The horizontal pan and tilt function of the smart security camera allows the user to remotely control it for any application. The latest device supports customised patrol points and inspects the pre-set zones, regularly.

Smart features

Equipped with industry-leading AI visual algorithm in ‘tracking watch’ mode, the latest camera can automatically adjust the viewing angles to track the trajectory of any in-breaking object. The camera then then sends 5-seconds alarm video to the synced phone app. With its motion detection feature, the camera can accurately identify humanoid changes, crying sound, abnormal sound and change monitoring.

The HD infrared night vision of the camera can capture clear images for up to 7-meter range, even in at the night. It can support two-way audio communication and one-way video function.

The security camera can be easily connected with a smartphone and send an alarm message to the connected device in real time, in case of any suspicious activity. The latest device allows storage both on cloud and in memory card.


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