Arduino Introduces Easy-to-Use IoT Application Platform


The Arduino IoT Cloud allows users to manage, configure and connect not only Arduino hardware but also vast majority of Linux-based devices

Arduino,a global leader in open-source hardware and software has recently launched its IoT Cloud as part of its professional Internet of Things (IoT) strategy.It is targeted at developers, maker hobbyists and system integrators.

An easy-to-use IoT application platform, the IoT Cloud allows users to create and manage IoT applications that can solve real-life problems in a business atmosphere or in day-to-day life.

Luca Cipriani, CIO, Arduino has stated that with the launch of the IoT Cloud,it now provides  millions of its users with a complete end-to-end approach to IoT that includes hardware, firmware, cloud services, and knowledge. This public beta release of the Arduino IoT Cloud, with automatic dashboard generation, webhooks support, and full TLS secure transport, will be an invaluable asset to users.

Massimo Banzi, CTO and Co-founder, Arduino also remarked that Arduino IoT Cloud allows users to manage, configure and connect not only Arduino hardware but also the vast majority of Linux-based devices-truly democratizing IoT development.

Convenience and flexibility

A key benefit of Arduino IoT Cloud is its ability to program Arduino boards,earlier users need to program them through Arduino Sketch. The new offering will rapidly and automatically create a sketch when setting up a new thing,enables a developer to develop a working device within five minutes of unboxing a board.It also enables other methods of interaction such as HTTP REST MQTT, API, command-line tools, WebSockets and JavaScript.

It also allows users to securely provision, authenticate and connect devices to the IoT Cloud while they are deployed in the wild. And ensures that all the data transmitted between the device and the cloud is tamper-proof and confidential.


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