ACTICO Launches ML Platform in India to Optimise Business Outcome


The ACTICO Machine Learning platform is available in two kinds of pricing options, to cater to the varied requirements of customer

ACTICO, a leading global provider of software for intelligent automation, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind of software platform – ACTICO Machine Learning (ML) in India. The platform allows integration of ‘predictive’ capability of ML models in a business’ decision making process.

The software platform allows organisations to rapidly create ML models via automated data analysis, combine them with the rules of business and operationalise both for artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation.

The predictive models created by the platform can be used to optimise business results in case of multiple intelligent automation situations across the business lifecycle such as product recommendations, risk management and fraud detection. A major benefit of the platform is that it allows ML models to be automatically retrained and enables their quick deployment.

Supports the entire process

Briefing about the solution, Ajit Shah, Managing Director – APAC, Middle East and Africa, ACTICO, said, “This integration or ‘operationalisation’ of ML is a unique approach to the application of this cutting-edge technology. Our platform overhauls the conventional approach of using ML in standalone systems and integrates it to the business by combining expert knowledge and data knowledge. The ACTICO Machine Learning platform provides support throughout the entire process – from data preparation to using the trained ML models in production systems.”

“During our pilot projects, we have observed that using ACTICO Machine Learning can potentially help in reducing default rates by 30-40 per cent, improve product recommendations by 50 per cent and ensure 40 per cent more efficient compliance case clarifications, across a wide range of customers,” Shah said.

“In the first phase, we will be targeting banks and financial institutions in India and are pleased to share that we are in the process of signing our first ACTICO Machine Learning customer in India. We also have plans of extending our offering to other industries in the near future,” he added.

The platform is available in two kinds of pricing options, to cater to the varied requirements of customer and making it equally lucrative for large as well as small organisations.


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