To Make IoT Mainstream, Cost is a Major Criterion: N Sivasailam


Sivasailam emphasised on the skill development in the IoT space and said that skilling is another important aspect in IoT

To make Internet of Things (IoT) mainstream, cost is a major criterion, said N. Sivasailam (IAS), Special Secretary – Logistics, Ministry of Commerce while speaking at an event organised by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) IoT Panel in New Delhi on Tuesday.

“To have an IoT-based device or connected device or any other IoT solution, it needs to be cost effective. That means developing these for mass market, right from the beginning. Therefore, it is for industries and the governments to come together to support the manufacturing of scale,” he said.

Sivasailam emphasised on the skill development in the IoT space and said that skilling is another important aspect in IoT. A person should be skilled in IoT, but the first question arises is where that person is going to work.

He also urged the industry to employ people and then provide training to make them skilled. It does not make sense to train them if they do not get anything.

Spectrum cost – a major factor

Sivasailam further said, “IoT requires a lot of ubiquitous spectrum. If you’re going for the spectrum auction business, IoT would be killed before it gets started. It is time for the IoT sector to indicate to the government that the whole lot of spectrum which is subject to not ubiquitous use are made available for public use or free.”

He also mentioned about the National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) and role of industry in drafting it and said that the government has taken inputs from industry and experts in formulating the policy draft.

“A lot of elements of consultations which was done with the experts find mention in the policy as essential deliverables,” he added.

Digital transformation through IoT

Speaking at the event, Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, Chairman of IET IoT Panel and President Aeris Communications said, “I am delighted to see the tremendous support that we have received from industry leaders in our endeavour to conceptualise a cognitive forum that will help in accelerating digital transformation through the IoT. This will help in revolutionising industrial environments where the automation and digitisation of processes are critical.”

Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head of the IET India, said, “We are at an inflection point of digital transformation and every industry is set to be disrupted by the explosion of new technologies. To be able to stay ahead of technological changes, it is critical that industries come together and work collaboratively.”


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