SAS Partners with NVIDIA to Help Businesses Better Use AI


The collaboration between SAS and NVIDIA will help enterprise customers extract the true value of AI for their company

Software giant SAS announced that it had entered into a partnership with technology firm NVIDIA in order to help the businesses better utilise artificial intelligence (AI).

As per the partnership, SAS and NVIDIA will work collectively on machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to better support the central element of AI offerings of SAS, thus leading to faster and more accurate insights.

The two companies also informed about how they are offering support to healthcare providers in identifying malignant or benign cancer cells by leveraging object recognition. In addition, the companies are helping the financial institutions in saving trillions of dollars through fraud detection.

Realise True Potential of AI

Commenting on the development, Gavin Day, senior vice president of technology at SAS, said, “AI is transforming business across industries. At the heart of AI-based transformation is advanced analytics. Powerful GPUs help speed the analysis and impact of AI by processing millions of mathematical operations very quickly.”

“By partnering with NVIDIA, we combine our strengths to augment human intelligence and realise the true potential of AI,” he added.

Ian Buck, vice president and general manager of accelerated computing at NVIDIA, said, “Our collaboration with SAS will help enterprise customers extract the true value of AI for their company. With NVIDIA technology, businesses will be able to accelerate their entire data science workflow to innovate, add new services and increase profitability.”

Recently, SAS has also announced an investment US$1 billion on AI software innovation, education programmes and other resources, over a period of 3 years.

SAS has become a global leader in analytics, but it sees AI as a way of augmenting data that are already collected from deep dives into trends and analysis with a focus on deep learning, ML and NLP.

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