Professionals Urge Kerala Government to Set Up Exclusive AI Department


Kerala can set a model by creating an exclusive department for Artificial Intelligence

Recently,professionals from many sectors have urged Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to set up a separate department for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the state.As the IT industry in Kerala is getting momentum,a memorandum has been submitted by Roshy John, Global Head, Robotics and Cognitive Systems Group, TCS, to the Chief Minister on the sidelines of Kerala government’s Professional Student Summit held at Cusat on February 9.

Roshy John has said that the main drawback of the Union and state budgets are there are no adequate allocations for AI. When the other countries constituted an exclusive ministry for this, even the UAE, one of our neighbouring countries, it is unfair that Kerala is heading backwards in this sector.

Stepping stones 

Roshy John also throw light on some of the steps to follow for reaching their desired goal.He said that at global level,70 per cent of job opportunities are linked with AI.The creation of National Centre For Artificial Intelligence (by the central government in the Interim Budget 2019) has come up for the consideration only now. Therefore, Kerala should also take a step forward in this direction.

The Techno parks in the state are leading in the country and people of the state are heads of the major IT organisation of the world.Kerala can set a model by creating an exclusive department for Artificial Intelligence, which would be a first-of-its-kind in India.


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