PNB Metlife Launches AI-powered Customer Service App


The app has the capability to understand the intent of customers and can interact with them through speech as well as text

PNB MetLife, a leading private life insurance company, launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered app – khUshi, that is designed to facilitate smooth customised service experience for its customers. Initially, the app is available on android-based phones.

The app has the capability to understand the intent of customers and offers customised responses to them. The app can interact with users through speech as well as text. With khUshi app, the users can locate the nearest branch of PNB MetLife, organise a call back from the company’s call center executives and fix a meeting with an advisor.

Powered with AI

Commenting on the app launch, Ashish Srivastava, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, PNB MetLife, said, “AI is a big opportunity in today’s fast changing economy. With ‘KhUshi’, our app powered with AI, we are focusing on delivering enhanced customer experience. We will continue our digitisation efforts and explore innovative platforms as traditional ways of selling insurance and servicing customers evolve.”

Speaking about the development, Samrat Das, Chief Information Officer, PNB MetLife, said, “Due to customers changing needs and information consumption patterns, we have launched khUshi. India also has a prominent new breed of customers, consisting of millennials, who are digital natives. The app will play a role of an assistant to users by providing solutions to their queries on the go. The app is designed in such a way that it requires minimum bandwidth.”

PNB MetLife aims to develop disruptive technology in order to differentiate their business from their counterparts and offers a personalised experience to its clients. With the app, the company takes a step ahead in its efforts to offer superior experience to its customers through adoption of new technologies that are predictive, proactive, and preemptive. The app is developed in association with MetLife’s innovation center – Lumen Lab in Singapore.


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