Paragon Footwear adopts IoT solutions to improve operational efficiency


By adopting IoT, Paragon’s aim is to bring down the fleet idle time, misuse, fuel pilferage and to improve driver behaviour, thus enhancing sales and customer satisfaction

Paragon, India’s topmost footwear brand, has turned towards Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to increase operational efficiency by minimising idle time, tracking vehicles in real time, to prevent misuse of the vehicle and for quick loading and unloading. Aeris, a preferred IoT technology partner for enterprises, will deliver the IoT solutions to Paragon, based on the contract awarded by Sify Technologies Limited (SIFY), an ICT solutions and services leader.

As there is a growing need for data management that is arising from faster growth projection of IoT in the country, Aeris teamed up with Sify Technologies for developing niche IoT solutions with managed services for the enterprises in India.

How IoT would help Paragon?

By implementing an IoT-based solution, the footwear company is aimed at addressing the issues of unexpected delays that arises due to vehicles breakdown or incorrect routes taken by drivers, leading to unpleasant incidents. The IoT-based solutions would help Paragon to remotely monitor and track the company’s fleet in real-time thus preventing misuse of vehicle, idle time in logistics chain and even drivers’ behaviour.

Commenting on the development, Abraham Chacko, Vice President – HR, Paragon Polymer Products Pvt Ltd, said, “With the successful deployment of an Aeris and Sify integrated IoT solution, we now have an advantage of minimising the idle time, tracking a vehicle in real time, control and take timely action on the misuse of the vehicle in case a driver takes a wrong route, and quick loading and unloading based on the vehicle arriving information.”

“This has significantly improved our distribution channel and dropped the number of complaints on late shipments,” he further said.

It is critical that products reach the market on time, every time as footwear is a distributor-retailer led business. Therefore, Paragon decided to implement the Aeris solution across its country-wide fleet in order to make them a single connected entity.


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