Mphasis Launches Autocode.AI to Accelerate Software Development


Autocode.AI is an AI-based system that needs very little human intervention and allows a quick transition to code in just hours

The global provider of IT services and solutions MPHASIS,has recently launched Autocode.AI, to accelerate the development and deployment of software via artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Autocode.AI is a revolutionary deep learning-based framework that applies AI across various stages of software development process.

Autocode.AI is created by Mphasis NEXT Labs and is used for quick prototyping and for accelerating the process of software development. This includes new code development based on unstructured inputs and code fix for an array of issues.

It assesses code vulnerabilities, automatically fixes the bugs and automates management and deployment of code through Cloud computing environments.

Accelerate development process

Nitin Rakesh, CEO & Executive Director, Mphasis has said that they are continuing to be on the cutting-edge of disruptive technology by introducing Autocode.AI, an AI system which accelerates rapid prototyping and enables the creation of hyper-personalised software.

The new solution can be configured to create code in multiple programming languages. It also crunches the code development and maintain workflow across the software development lifecycle.It needs very little human intervention and allows  quick transition to code in just hours.


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