Microsoft Introduces Intelligent Edge and IoT Programs


Microsoft’s partners are implementing IoT solutions developed on the company’s comprehensive, easy-to-use and trusted edge to cloud platforms

Technology giant Microsoft has introduced new services and programs that can be leveraged by hardware manufacturers to get their devices connected and included in the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

These services and programs include:

IoT Plug and Play: It is a new open modelling language that can be used to seamlessly connect the IoT devices to the cloud, thus helping the device partners of Microsoft to deploy IoT solutions at scale. This offers the partners a simple way to model the capabilities and data coming from their IoT devices. In addition, it will provide customers with a comprehensive portfolio of partner-certified devices that can easily be made to work with any type of IoT solution, even without writing any new code.

Microsoft Azure IoT Device Agent V2 for Windows 10 IoT: This lets operators to remotely monitor, configure and manage their devices from Azure dashboard. It offers an open-source, ready to build package that develops and manages the Azure IoT Hub identities on the device and manages the cloud connection and its renewal. It also offers a plug-in model for platform components that enable easy onboarding to multiple Azure services such as discovery, error reporting, initialisation and state aggregation. In addition, it comes with a set of ready-to-ship plug-ins for generally used platform components and utilises Azure IoT Module twin, thus, a separate UWP app is not needed to connect to Azure IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Central: It is a fully managed IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that makes it simple to connect, manage and monitor IoT assets at scale. It features a new custom dashboard that allow partners to bring their own brand and user experience to their IoT solution. The clients can also benefit from the built-in security, reliability, device connectivity and the role-based user account management offered by IoT Central.

Nick Parker, CVP, Consumer and Device Sales, Microsoft, said, “At Microsoft, our goal is to simplify IoT – from the cloud down to the smallest microcontroller (MCU)-based devices, and we do this by meeting our partners and customers where they are, with the right intelligent cloud services, software and dev tools, to get devices connected, and manage their solutions at scale.”

Microsoft’s partners such as Advantech and Techsun are implementing IoT solutions developed on the company’s comprehensive, easy-to-use and trusted edge to cloud platforms to adopt business model transformation and accelerate time-to-value for customers.


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