Large Format Stores Contribute 61 Per cent of Total Smart Speaker Sale in India: Survey


The major buyers of smart speakers are under the age-group of 25-35, including men and women.

The recent survey of Denave-a global sales tech organisation has revealed that the large format stores in India contribute to around 61 per cent of the overall smart speaker sale between April to October last year.

The report, titled ‘Smart Speakers – India Market Analysis’, is focused on understanding the smart speaker market in the country by analysing market sentiments, demographic impact and overall adoption trends. The survey was conducted across 18 states, 36 cities, over 400 stores and more than 20,000 in-store purchases.

As per the study,Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore mainly contributed to the total sales of smart speakers. The three metro cities together contributed to 70 per cent of the product sale in the country.

Delhi tops the list with 28 per cent of the overall sale. In Mumbai, West Mumbai contributes to 59.31 per cent of the smart speaker sales. In Bengaluru, 84.88 per cent of smart speaker sale comes from South and East region of the city.

The major buyers of smart speakers are under the age-group of 25-35 years including both men and women.

Around 75 per cent men and 25 per cent women buy smart speakers.

Focus on Technology

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave stated that technology has its impact on people in every sphere,including at the home front. With Internet of Things (IoT) charting exponential growth trajectory and ever-increasing focus on technology integration, cross-device compatibility and interoperability, the home automation market is poised to grow very fast.

He added that marketeers need to consider the dynamic eco-system and customer sentiments while their go-to-market approach in this category.



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