KDDI Launches GX Platform to Support IoT, RPA Solutions


KDDI GX platform will offer powerful operational support for a range of solutions such as IoT and RPA

A move to provide global corporate customers a centralised support in wide range of solutions such as Internet of Things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), network, security and others KDDI,has recently launched KDDI Global Exchange (GX) platform.

Initially,the new platform will be provided across the ASEAN region including Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia.

The Japanese companies operating globally, working in domestic IT atmospheres is often a major concern. There are various issues that are faced by these firms such as human resource management and relocation, operations management outsourcing, reducing infrastructure cost, and optimising management, IT security and governance. Besides, advances in IT need stable personnel in each nation to sustain the IT environment.

Key features

  • The KDDI GX Platform can be used anywhere an Internet environment is in place. (Some services are unavailable in certain countries).
  • No initial investment required and services can be used for a monthly user fee. (Some services may incur one-time fees, depending on content).
  • Clients can select only the services they need according to their IT environments.
  • Services can be expanded or reduced according to the client IT environment.

KDDI Managed Services:

  • Remote monitoring of all services and devices on the network
  • Maintenance, support and problem solving for clients through flexible menu
  • Complete IT operations and management, from PC to server

The KDDI GX platform will enable the customers to focus on IT-related resources on expansion of core business operations, as the platform allows services common to each country, whereas fully outsourcing the management and operations.And the customers can optimise the staffing and reduce the costs.

KDDI,is a leading Japanese global telecommunication service provider.

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