IPC Finalises CFX Standard for Industry to Speedily Deploy IIoT

As this is an industry standard, IPC CFX creates a level playing field for large as well as small company in preparing for Industry 4.0

Now the electronics industry has a standard that it can use to speedily and easily deploy the Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the manufacturing operations as IPC, the global association connecting electronics industries, announced that it has got unanimous ballot support of IPC-2591, Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) by 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee.

The association is planning to issue this free and open standard to the industry in coming weeks.

Creating value for industry

IPC CFX provides huge value to electronics manufacturers. The companies involved in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) can create seamless data communication between all the equipment on their production lines and can also track their production on all equipment from any part of the globe in real time.

The machine vendors have one plug-and-play data communication solution for their customers, thus reducing the time and travel spent on tailored programming for their customers. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can also use this standard to increase real-time control of product quality, from the board assembly to box build.

Commenting on the development, David Bergman, Vice President, IPC standards and training said, “The effect of IPC CFX on the industry is to bring technology-based optimisation for all aspects of manufacturing operations, making the adoption of automation easier and more effective, as well as bringing enhancement of flexibility.”

“IPC recognises the strong contribution from all those involved in the creation of the standard from the beginning, drawn from a committee of many hundreds of industry equipment and technology vendors, who have been instrumental in this revolutionary step towards digital factory standards,” he added.

Level playing field

As this is an industry standard, IPC CFX creates a level playing field for large as well as small company in preparing for Industry 4.0 or to simply get benefited from machine-to-business data communication. Developed keeping in mind the simplicity, IPC CFX can be loaded and fully workable in a matter of hours rather than days or even weeks needed to install new equipment into a line.

IPC CFX describes all the three crucial elements needed for a true plug-and-play IIoT standard including a message protocol, a specific content creation element and an encoding mechanism. The standard’s benefits are made possible without the requirement for middleware, providing significant reduction in costs to the manufacturer and improved solution reliability.


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