IEEE Approves Panasonic’s BPL Communication Technology for IoT


The flexible features of BPL communication standard allow to address the different communication requirements of IoT-related solutions

Panasonic Corporation, a global leader in the development of varied electronics technologies and solutions, announced that its next-gen communication technology – broadband over powerline (BPL) for Internet of Things (IoT) has been approved by the IEEE Standards Association.

The company’s BPL communication technology has been adopted as the IEEE 1901a Standard that flexibly meets several demands for IoT-related services.

Panasonic proposed the technology to the IEEE Standardization 1901a Working Group in June 2018 and got the approval on March 21, 2019 at the meeting of Standards Board.

Enable scalable communications

IEEE 1901a, BPL communication standard for IoT, helps in controlling the frequency bands as per the usage. The standard also enables scalable communications having features to enhance communication distances and to choose communication speeds. The flexible features of this standard allow to address the different communication requirements of IoT-related solutions.

The ability to choose communication speed modes enables a flexible response to every need of the user, thus opening the scope of Panasonic’s HD-PLC application to all the daily life’s aspects.

Support wide scale networks

The approval of IoT BPL communication global standard describes a foundation technology that is developed for communication in homes as well as other areas. In addition, this technology supports wide scale networks covering social infrastructure including factories, buildings and homes, with the prospects of using it in a vast range of areas.

With the purpose of promoting a larger evolution of the HD-PLC technology, Panasonic licenses the IoT BPL communication technology mentioned in the standard. Besides, with the aim to secure interconnectivity between products that are in sync with the IEEE 1901 series through organisations like the HD-PLC Alliance, the company tries to offer HD-PLC solutions that users can confidently use.


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