Hammond Launches New Sensor Enclosures for IoT Systems


The new enclosures are designed around the PCB sizes, selected by leading manufacturers of sensors

The global manufacturers of small plastic,die-cast and metal enclosures,Hammond Manufacturing has recently announced its launch of one of the world’s leading makers of small new miniature ventilated sensor enclosures – 1551V.

They are specifically designed to house the sensors and small sub-systems that are installed in the manufacturing environment as part of Internet of Things (IoT) systems.It is designed around the print circuit board (PCB) sizes, selected by leading manufacturers of sensors for their advanced generations of products.


  • The ABS UL94-HB 1551V is available in standard black, white and grey
  • Four plan sizes, 80 x 80, 80 x 40, 60 x 60 and 40 x 40 mm are all 20mm high
  • Maximum PCB sizes are 74 x 74, 74 x 34, 54 x 54 and 34 x 34 mm.

In addition, four PCB mounts are moulded into the base and the height of 20 mm provides enough space for board-mounted RJ45, USB and other standard communication interfaces.

To ease the access, the snap-fit closure enables repeated opening and closing without tools.Also there are ventilation slots on all four vertical faces and mounting slots along with a 15 mm cable knock out in the base.

Environmental sensors monitoring basics such as temperature, pressure and humidity are widely installed, and an intelligent sub-systems, with data processing and communications capability embedded on a small PCB.The 1551V new sensor enclosures certainly provide excellent airflow for cooling purposes.


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