element14 Launches Range of AI Products with New Technology Pages


Exclusive products demonstrated by element14 include Smartedge Agile and Ultra96 that make it easier for users to build intelligence into their designs

Development distributor element14 announced the launch of a dedicated online resource for artificial intelligence (AI) on its website. The new pages cover varied topics that range from simple AI explanations, and various types of AI applications, to descriptions of certain AI products such as various ranges exclusive to element14.

element14’s new pages on AI technology will allow the customers to get more information about AI, discover unique AI-specific products, and access support to select the best solutions to suit their project requirements.

Commenting on the development, Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technology Product Marketing and Solutions Development at Farnell and element14, said, “As AI technology is still at a relatively early stage in terms of its potential applications and market penetration, the scope is wide open for customers to explore various possibilities and develop new products and ideas. Our new AI technology pages will provide a valuable resource that users and developers can use as a starting point for their designs.”

A major part of element14’s AI offering is the AI Configurator, which is an interactive tool that enables engineers to rapidly determine the most appropriate solutions and products for their AI projects.

Choice for users

It recognises various development boards, software and sensors that most suitable to the needs of inputted application from a comprehensive range of vendors. This allows users to choose the best suitable products with confidence and attain optimum results quickly, ramping up the development without the requirement for unnecessary and often time-consuming research.

Besides, some latest AI products that are exclusively from element14 are:

  • Smartedge Agile: It is an end-to-end IoT solution to provide AI and security at the edge. The Smartedge Agile device is a certified hardware solution embedded with a full software stack featuring edge intelligence.
  • Ultra 96: A platform to simplify machine learning (ML), Ultra96 is an Arm-based Xilinx Zynq UltraScale MPSoc development board based on the Linaro 96 board specification.


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