Digi International Introduces DRM for Advanced IoT Management


Digi Remote Manager (DRM) platform offers compelling value by way of secure networking of IoT for service providers and enterprise network managers

To answer the call for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) management, Digi International, a leading global company providing IoT connectivity products and services, introduced Digi Remote Manager (DRM), a secure platform for monitoring and controlling distributed IoT devices.

The platform offers network operators, administrators and engineers all the required capabilities for monitoring, controlling and upgrading connected hardware for IoT solutions that run on long-term evolution (LTE) cellular network. In addition, it provides the flexibility and freedom of integration with additional network management and productivity tools.

Scott Nelson, Chief Product Officer, Digi International, said, “The IoT is about so much more than device connectivity, but without it there can be no IoT. With DRM, we’re able to help customers ensure that their devices are not only online and connected securely, but that they are operating efficiently. No matter where in the world a device may be located or what analytics platform an end user selects, DRM supplies key data that ultimately improves business efficiency.”

Recently, DRM is incorporated with a range of networking features, connectivity tools, analytics and edge computing abilities to enable IoT solutions managers to rapidly and simply determine the operational status and location of all the remote digital assets.

The platform also offers compelling value by way of secure networking of IoT for service providers and enterprise network managers who need to integrate security and networking best practices into one IoT management solution.

Key features

The key standard features of DRM include:

  • In-band and out-of-band command and control of managed devices
  • Over the Air (OTA) updates of firmware, configurations and edge computing software for managed devices
  • Visibility and control over edge network devices (ZigBee and other RF devices)
  • Bi-directional access and control of devices and edge compute application logic
  • Automated software and configuration assignment during device installation
  • Periodic scanning, alerting and remediation of devices that fail compliance checks
  • Advanced enterprise routing + carrier, WAN and LAN analytics
  • Advanced VPN and tunneling + remote LAN device management
  • Edge computing capability utilizing Python

Besides, the DRM platform consists of Application Connectors that enable users to simply connect devices to their cloud platforms of choice for sppedy implementation and more options. With preconfigured application programming interfaces (APIs), users can rapidly and easily connect, access and analyze data that is collected from their edge devices in order to enhance business processes, augment decision-making and react to an ever-changing business environment.


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