Arrow Electronics Enables Nikko Group to Develop IoT-based Monitoring


The real-time data enables better utilisation of lift maintenance resources and earlier detection of malfunctions

Arrow Electronics,the global technology-solutions provider has recently announced that it has enabled Nikko Group to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technologies via an easy-to-deploy integrated solution that delivers real-time monitoring  data for lift safety mechanism.

The monitoring device is powered by an integrated system with sensors, microprocessor, cloud-based data dashboard and LoRaWAN connectivity.It can track the operational status of the Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP) device.

UCMP is a safety device that activates emergency braking systems in order to prevent unintended lift car movements that can cause fatal injuries.

Embrace new technologies

Francis Lau, Director, Nikko Group said that for decades, lifts have modernised their lives by providing convenience and comfort that they have already taken for granted. However, with the rise of aging buildings and lifts in their community, it is time that they embrace new technologies, new components and new approaches to modernise their lift maintenance service.

Arrow has given them guidance on adopting innovative IoT technologies including wireless connectivity, sensors, system integration, and cloud-based data management. Their support has assisted them to overcome hardware design challenges, accelerate their solution development cycle and reduce R&D cost.

Simon Yu, President – Asia-Pacific, Arrow remarked that they are keen to assist large enterprises and tech start-ups or any innovators and creators to embrace and deploy IoT and smart technologies for improving homes, communities, and lives.

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