ADLINK Edge AI Platforms are now Powered by NVIDIA EGX


With ADLINK Edge AI solutions, organisations in the biggest industries can quickly and securely deploy AI, from edge to cloud

ADLINK Technology, a global leader in edge computing, announced that its Edge AI solutions are now powered by NVIDIA EGX platform, which will bring the power of accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) computing to the edge.

Combining with NVIDIA EGX platform, the solution will enable the users to make prompt decisions at the edge, primarily when connectivity to a data center is not possible or limited.

ADLINK Edge AI Solutions and NVIDIA EGX platform combine an array of ADLINK and NVIDIA AI technologies with networking, security and storage architecture capabilities from Mellanox and other suppliers.

With ADLINK Edge AI solutions, organisations in the biggest industries such as smart manufacturing, aerospace and defense, healthcare, telecom, transportation and cities, can quickly and securely deploy AI, from edge to cloud.

Major solutions 

ADLINK solutions that are powered by NVIDIA EGX platform include:

ADLINK Edge Server: It is a carrier-grade, multi-purpose and highly scalable edge platform that allow operators and their customers to quickly create and enhance services with NVIDIA’s advanced GPU technologies.

M100-Nano-AINVR: It is a compact multi-channel AI-enabled NVR powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano, meeting size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements for identity detection and autonomous tracking in public transport and access control.

DLAP-201-JT2: ADLINK’s Edge AI Platform integrates NVIDIA Jetson TX2 to accelerate deep learning workloads for object detection, recognition and classification. The platform can be used to analyse traffic flow at an intersection in real time for traffic management optimisation, strengthen security surveillance, improve smart bus services, and other smart city and smart manufacturing applications.

M300-Xavier-ROS2: It is a fanless robotic controller leveraging server-class performance of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier that enable autonomous navigation in automated mobile robots (AMR).

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