Major Demand for IoT Will Be in Mobility and Health


Internet of Things (IoT) is better leveraged when combined with other technologies rather than used in isolation, says Gaurav Kumar, Founder of Cyrrup Solutions Pvt Ltd – a Hyderabad-based IoT company serving smart automotive and smart logistics solutions. He also shares his views on the deployment of IoT, key areas driving its demand, Cyrrup’s unique proposition in IoT solutions and much more.


Q. Many opine that IoT is just a buzzword that industry Gurus have coined to create hype. Do you agree with that line of thought? Or do you feel that IoT is opening an entirely new market?

Gaurav Kumar, Founder, Cyrrup Solutions Pvt Ltd

Internet of Things (IoT) in its elementary form had been in place since last couple of decades. Smart Home companies have done some business in early 2000s as well. But the pace has definitely picked up over the last few years. IoT, when coupled with other technologies like analytics, deep learning, etc., opens up many useful cases.

Q. In your opinion, is the Government of India (GoI) playing any significant role in expanding the IoT market right now? If yes, how?

There is no doubt that the GoI is playing a significant role in expanding IoT market. The boost to the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector through different schemes, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) schemes and other Government eMarketplace (GeM) initiatives are certainly positive steps from the government.

Q. What are your expectations from the GoI in terms of initiatives they should take to make India an IoT super power?

If there is a push in the segments where analytics and machine vision play a significant role, then IoT can certainly play a powerful role. In addition, a good boost to the manufacturing sector and creating clusters around semi-conductors would also help.

Q. Are you satisfied at the rate of deployment of IoT solutions in India?

Acceleration is demanded even after reaching pinnacles. But I believe, we are good to begin with, in terms of deployment of IoT solutions in the country.

Q. How do you see the IoT market evolving in the next 2-3 years?

IoT will be building a lot of use cases around mobility (area of our work), health, agriculture and almost all areas. The operational efficiency and convenience are bound to increase with this growth in the coming years.

Q. Which industry segments do you believe will be driving a larger chunk of demand? Why?

According to me, the major demand for IoT will be in mobility and health sectors. As of now, I believe the entire India is using one or the other form of these two sectors on a daily basis. Therefore, the impact is bound to be greatest in these segments.

Q. What’s your bigger challenge – acquiring customers or acquiring talent? What’s your strategy in resolving the same?

For us, acquiring the right talent is a challenge right now. However, we do take services from consultants in hiring the right talent.

Q. What fraction of your overall business is the IoT-related business?

Around 65 per cent of my business is IoT-related.

Q. How do you see your IoT-related business growing in the next 2-3 years?

As our revenues have just started to trickle in, we will be growing at least 10x in the next three years.

Q. What’s your strategy to create a differentiation for your solutions vis-a-vis your competitors?

We believe in intellectual property (IP) creation and co-creation of products with our customers. And this sets us apart from our competitors.

Q. Any innovative strategy being planned or implemented by your team to create demand for your solutions amongst customers or channel partners?

We do a lot of market research and build our solutions based on the responses collected from our prospects. This helps us in developing unique solutions, which in turn, generates an Automatic Pull.

Q. Who is the key decision maker for you – technology decision maker or business decision maker? And how do you balance interests of both the decision makers?

Obviously, business precedes technology. As mentioned, we align our decisions with the market research conducted by us. This way, both horizontals are aligned.

Q. Have you come across any successful deployment of IoT in India that’s worthy of being noticed?

I think robotic surgery is something which needs to be taken cognizance of.

Q. How would you describe your solutions to a non-technical decision maker at the clients’ end?

We add to your convenience. That’s where I always start from.


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