AI/ML will be Important for Most IoT Solutions


Nexiot – Accelerating Innovation is a Bangalore-based company, providing digital transformation & cybersecurity consulting and solutions for industry 4.0, smart cities, medical/ healthcare, building automation and consumer applications. While talking to EFY bureau, Nexiot Founder Suniel Kumar shares about key technologies in IoT space, India’s IoT ecosystem, state of security for IoT and much more.


Q. In your opinion, which are the top 3 technologies that are shaping the future of IoT? How are they influencing the future of IoT?

Suniel Kumar, Founder, Nexiot 

According to me, the top three technologies are:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)/Data Science, which provides insights and better decision making in an automated way
  2. Connectivity that address interoperability, reliability, scalability and protocol challenges
  3. Cybersecurity, which is critical to protect and safeguard the devices and solutions

Q. Between the cellular and NB-IoT/LPWA families of wireless technologies – which one are you betting upon? Why?

Narrowband (NB)-IoT/Low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) are more optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Q. How’s the development of standards (or lack of it) affecting the adoption of IoT?

IoT systems are complex with different technologies getting integrated. Standards are to be considered horizontally as well as vertically. This challenge will continue as every IoT use case may have different objectives. However, different bodies are currently working to address these challenges.

Q. How ready is India’s tech ecosystem to develop and deploy IoT solutions? 

While IoT deployment in certain segments is happening faster, it would take longer in some segments. However, there is openness to trial IoT solutions across segments. This shows that we are well positioned. But there has to be a return on investment (RoI) and IoT solutions are context dependent.

Q. Do you foresee India’s tech industry developing its own IP and branded products/solutions in the IoT arena?

Yes, on the intelligent components – applying specific data models.

Q. Do you see the Open Source phenomenon play an important role in the IoT arena?

Yes, much of prototyping work and even production work of software happens on open source.

Q. How do you see the role, technologies like AI/ML will play in the evolution of IoT solutions?

AI/ML will be important for most IoT solutions, while there can be a large number of solutions with just operational/monitoring dashboards which can also bring value.

Q. What’s your opinion on the state of security available for IoT solutions? How do you see the evolution from hereon, w.r.t threats and counter-measures?

As a general trend, cybersecurity is at awareness level in India – We have a long way to go. There are already good efforts being made in the US/Europe. We should start referring the best practices and frameworks already available.

Cybersecurity will be a critical aspect for certain IoT solutions such as industrial, power, medical/healthcare, smart cities and mass transportation.

Q. W.r.t. edge vs cloud – where do you think will we see faster development in the next year or two?

Edge will see more development. However, edge should also be smartly integrated to cloud services.

Q. Any thoughts on where to go edge versus where to go cloud?

Both edge and cloud would be needed. However, edge should be integrated with the cloud based on use case and optimisation.


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