Government Announces National AI Portal in Budget 2019-20

The setting up of national AI portal is probably a good initiative when it comes to the technology segment

With the aim to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies to the common people, the government announced a national AI portal that will be established soon as part of the National Programme on ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

“India has become the second largest start-up hub of the world. We are proud of the hard work and innovative ideas of our youth in this sector. A national programme on AI has been envisaged by the government, said Union Finance Minister, Piyush Goyal, while presenting the Interim Budget 2019.

“This should be catalysed by the national centre for AI as a hub, in addition to other centres of excellence (CoE),” he added.

In order to fulfil the ambitious initiative, the Government has identified nine areas of priority, the Union Minister said.

Goyal further said that compliance procedures and regulatory hurdles concerning the start-ups in the country are also being looked into presently.

Major step

The setting up of AI portal is probably a good initiative when it comes to the technology segment. In the past couple of years, there has been major advancements in the technology segment, with major tech players incorporating AI and machine learning (ML) into several products and services.

It is a major step as India is far behind the US and China, in the AI race. The country lags when it comes to data as well as availability of skilled personnel who can handle the data.

On the other hand, the US and China has big names like Google and Baidu, respectively, whereas India has only start-ups that are developing the AI. The absence of a big players in this field means that the government has to provide most of the support to develop this sector. By focusing on the technology segment, the interim budget may also allocate funds dedicated for the development of AI in the country.


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