IoT Startup Gaia Raises Funds to Accelerate Business Development


Gaia will use the funds for team expansion to boost innovation and product development of its proprietary Edge ML hardware and Cloud-based analytics platforms

Gaia Smart Cities, an Internet of Things (IoT) startup based in Mumbai, said that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from a group of world investors to quicken the growth of business development and market.

The investors who funded in the pre-series A round include Raja Shekhar Reddy, Founder at BizSR – a startup incubator-accelerator, and Ranodeb Roy, CEO, RV Capital Management, Singapore, as well as a clutch of investors led by Debasish Das, Analytics and Data Science Head of Knowledge Services at Wipro.

Innovation and product development

Gaia will utilise the freshly raised amount for accelerating its business development and market growth in the country and European markets. The startup will also use the funds for team expansion to boost innovation and product development of its proprietary Edge Machine Learning (ML) hardware and Cloud-based analytics platforms.

Gaia was started in 2015 and is the brainchild of Sumit D. Chowdhury, a former CIO at Reliance Jio and Ex-VP at IBM, along with Bipin Pradeep Kumar, Ex-Chairman of Smart City Work Group under the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology.

Gaia is developing a public Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) in the country for long-range/low-cost applications of IoT. In its earlier round of funding, the startup has been backed by key angel investors which include various seasoned IoT and technology experts.

Partnership with overseas clients

The startup’s major distribution setup is in India. However, this year, it has entered into channel partnership agreements in Australia, the UK, Spain and Netherlands. The company is actively connecting with its customers in international markets.

The company’s clients include digitalised sites across industry segments such as retail, transport, facilities, cold chains, real estate, and several Smart Cities across India.

Gaia Smart Cities, offering wide-area IoT and AI/ML-enabled Smart Feedback solutions, had previously acquired Netcore Solutions’ IoT division, in June 2016.


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