Digi-Key Introduces IoT Studio to Simplify Development of IoT Solutions


DK IoT Studio allows the user to go from an idea to prototype just in minutes without even writing any code

Digi-Key Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components, launches DK IoT Studio, a new design tool created in collaboration with Atmosphere IoT Corp. An integrated development environment (IDE), DK IoT Studio is aimed at providing a very easy way for providers and developers to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

The new tool allows the user to go from an idea to prototype just in minutes without even writing any code, the company said in statement.

Intuitive user interface

It has an intuitive user interface combined with a functionality of drag-and-drop. The user can simply drag processors, sensors and other library elements and drop them onto the design panel. This enables the user in making connections and start gathering data and sending it to the cloud or a mobile device.

The DK IoT Studio creates the embedded code (firmware) and also the code for web and mobile application.

Commenting on the development, Jeff Liebl, CEO, Atmosphere IoT Corp, said, “We are thrilled with this partnership and what it means for the Digi-Key community. Together we are reducing the complexity involved in translating a smart, connected product concept into an actual working system.”

Initially, the DK IoT Studio will be incorporated with NXP’s Rapid IoT and Espressif’s ESP32 Kit, with supplementary supplier platforms being added in every three months.

To simplify creation of IoT solutions

Robbie Paul, Strategic Program Development Director – IoT at Digi-Key, said, “The goal of providing a design tool like the DK IoT Studio is to offer a seamless path from the creation of an IoT solution to field deployment. We are ready to help bring your IoT designs to realisation faster and easier than ever before, as the tool is uniquely paired with access to Digi-Key’s inventory of the world’s largest selection of electronic components to help you take your designs to the next level.”

The DK IoT Studio has ability to develop and import/export designs for shareable and customisable projects utilisation of Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, it allows integration of data into a third-party application, data warehouse or cloud platform.


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