NEC Technologies Launches FIWARE-based ICCC for Smart Cities


The latest solution will help in decision making for the city administration through visualisation and analytics

Recently NEC Technologies India Private Limited has introduced (NECTI),FIWARE-based Integrated Command and Control Center for the Smart Cities.FIWARE is a curated framework of components of open source platform that is created for accelerating the development of Smart Solutions.This reflects company’s strategy to adopt the FIWARE as a standard for Internet of Things (IoT).

Empower decision-making

The FIWARE solution will serve as the brain of cities, by interconnecting the embedded sensors across the city surveillance, solid waste management, intelligent transport management and parking management. It will also help in decision making for the city administration through visualisation and analytics.

Jaspreet Singh Dhanjal, Associate Vice President, NECTI, said that empowering and integrating the Integrated Command and Control Center with FIWARE will help in using the power of Next Generation Service Interfaces (NGSI) data models for the future smart cities, which will rule on data economy.

NECTI has launched the FIWARE Lab node in India in April last year, in order to encourage solution providers, application developers, academia and government bodies to innovate and experiment with FIWARE-based solutions for smart cities.

In December 2018,NECTI  has finished a project to deliver Command & Control Centre components and other IoT-enabled smart ICT systems for Hubballi Dharwad Smart City limited (HDSCL).This will become operational by the middle of the year.

NECTI is a leading company in the integration of information technology (IT) and network technologies.


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