MediaTek Introduces New Internet of Vehicles Solutions Through its Brand Autus


The new Autus in-vehicle infotainment system integrates core technologies from MediaTek’s portfolio of smartphone, digital TV, tablet and blu-ray.

MediaTek, through its automotive chip brand Autus, introduces innovative solutions for the automotive industry in four key segments such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, in-vehicle communication systems, mmWave radar solutions and Vision Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (V-DAS).

Since MediaTek’s entry into the automotive chip market, it has utilised its research and development (R&D) capabilities to be a front-runner in the semiconductor market. With its extensive technical experience, MediaTek has been able to make a mark among the major auto manufacturers and partners.

JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager – New Business Development Unit, MediaTek, said, “With frontier technology for Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and automated driving, MediaTek has combined AI, communication and sensing with multimedia technology and advanced chip processing technology, to create a complete and highly integrated in-vehicle chip solution for the automotive market. This enables auto manufacturers to develop products at a lower cost and significantly enhance consumers’ smart travel experience.”

In-vehicle communication solution for IoV

The Autus in-vehicle modem is a system on chip (SoC) solution, especially designed for automotive specifications. The solution provides steady operation even under high temperature environments for transmitting data in real-time and meet the safety requirements for driving. The telematics and in-vehicle communication technology support key applications.

Powerful In-vehicle Infotainment system

Based on MediaTek’s extensive R&D experience in consumer devices and professional multimedia technology, the Autus in-vehicle infotainment system integrates core technologies from its portfolio of smartphone, digital TV, tablet and blu-ray. The in-vehicle infotainment chip is compatible with independent operation of multiple as well as native operating systems. It supports Android as well as Linux audio visual solutions. The in-vehicle sensors and multimedia channels in the system offer driving information that make the travelling experience for passengers and drivers enjoyable and safe as well as entertaining.

V-ADAS provides a high functionality

MediaTek’s V-ADAS utlilises versatile vision processing units (VPU) to manage large volumes of dynamic visuals, offering a high level of functionality with low power consumption. The system leverages machine learning (ML) technology to enhance detection accuracy and speed, improve object recognition and tracking capabilities to support lane detection, pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, multi-lens calibration, motion analysis and vehicle peripheral panoramic monitoring, which is really a traffic assistant for drivers.

Industry-leading CMOS mmWave radar solution

MediaTek’s Autus ultra-short-range millimeter radar solution is integrated with a baseband DSP, RF and encapsulated antenna, and is specifically engineered for automated driving and anti-collision situations. The chip is designed based on the advanced RF and connectivity technologies and CMOS manufacturing process to enhance performance, size as well as lower power consumption and cost.

The solution offers a broader field of view and more accurate object recognition. In addition, it provides quick response and robust anti-interference ability. The solution supports a comprehensive range of applications, such as assisted parking, parking space measurement, automatic braking and automatic parking.

Being a leader in global semiconductor firm having years of technical experience, MediaTek designs Autus automotive chips with communication, edge AI, multimedia, and IoT capacities. Together with mass production experience and advanced chip manufacturing processes, the Autus platform of MediaTek offers a richer and more comprehensive solution for automobile manufacturers that augment the driving experience.


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