ManageEngine Launches Desktop Central With New AI Features to Assist IT Teams


ManageEngine employs AI in new virtual assistant of Desktop Central, which is integrated with its mobile app for Android devices

ManageEngine, a real-time IT management solutions provider, announced on Tuesday that it is launching geo-fencing and voice assistant features to its Desktop Central that can help IT teams in performing complex tasks. Desktop Central is a unified endpoint security and management solution, offered by ManageEngine.

The latest version of Desktop Central allows the IT teams in managing endpoints through voice assistant from the mobile app. This version is incorporated with a geo-fencing feature that bridges gaps related to IT security by enforcing location-specific IT policies on mobile devices.

Key features

ManageEngine employs artificial intelligence (AI) in new virtual assistant of Desktop Central, which is integrated with its mobile app for Android devices. With this new feature, IT teams can do complex tasks in a few quick voice commands. The IT teams can easily perform complex tasks such as detecting, scanning, and deploying missing patches, uninstalling software, blocking unauthenticated executable, performing asset scans, establishing remote connections, prohibiting software and waking up and shutting down computers.

The geo-fencing capabilities in Desktop Central can provide IT teams with location-specific security commands.

Speaking on the development, Mathivanan Venkatachalam, Vice President, ManageEngine, said, “Endpoint management is critical to IT security, because most security breaches originate from the endpoints. IT teams today spend a lot of time on redundant tasks, with one or more tools. Infusing AI, we could automate most of the complex endpoint management tasks using simple voice commands, saving a lot of time and features like geo fencing and remote OS deployment will reduce IT time and efforts and increase productivity.

Availability and pricing

Desktop Central is available at affordable prices of $15 per device a year and can be downloaded from the ManageEngine website. In addition, a fully-functional version of the solution on 30-day trial is available for download. The latest unified endpoint management solution can be installed on-premises or can be hosted on different cloud platforms. The solution has a fully-functional free edition that can manage up to 50 endpoints.


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