Targus Unveils MiraLogic to Make Workplace Intelligent


MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System is an IoT-connected platform that allows organisations to better utilise and optimise their workspace

Targus, a leading provider of universal docking solutions, unveiled two revolutionary products – MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System and DOCK520USZ – an award-winning Universal Quad Video HD docking station. These two products have been launched in the US and are likely to be unveiled in India in the second half of this year.

MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System is an Internet of Things (IoT)-connected platform that allows organisations to better utilise and optimise their workspace. This new product blends enterprise-grade hardware such as Smart Power Strip, Smart USB-C Dock, Desktop Power Strip and Smart Sensor, with cloud-based software to provide meaningful insights into the workspace.

Speaking at the launch, Ron DeCamp, Vice President of Global Product Management and Development, Targus, said, “MiraLogic represents a huge step in making our workplaces more intelligent. This solution gives businesses a clear view into how their workspaces are being utilised, allowing them to make informed operational decisions about how much space is actually required, and ways to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when workspaces are not in use.”

“Our solution will also assist IT in decreasing the time spent on support through remote control and management of the workspace, ultimately saving IT teams time, money and lost productivity,” he added.

With the new workspace intelligence system, IT managers will be able to understand and manage overall consumption of energy by delivering insights on how much power is being utilised at a desk, floor or department level, thus enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the office.

Main benefits of MiraLogic

Workspace Utilisation and Provisioning: MiraLogic monitors and captures real-time and historical data of what’s happening at the desk level – providing the users actionable insights into occupancy, performance and efficiency.

Remote Control and Diagnostics of the Workspace: Real-time data quickly alerts IT about equipment issues – before there’s a problem, thus saving time, money, and lost productivity. IT administrators can now remotely manage the workspace with the ability to perform power cycle resets and firmware updates to the Universal Smart Dock.

Automated Asset Management: MiraLogic automatically discovers and records computer peripherals connected to the Universal Smart Dock.

Measure and Track Energy Consumption: MiraLogic helps users to optimise energy consumption at each desk and improve the bottom line.


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