Worried About Your Loved Ones Safety? Here’s How You Can Offer 360 Degree Security


Our loved ones mean the world to us, and we will do anything to keep them safe. The rising cases in the country is leading us to adapt to safety measures that can protect the family in all situations. Home is definitely the safest place of all; however, as soon as our kids, wife, or parents step out of the home, we do get concerned about their safety. It’s natural to feel on the edge of the seat when your loved ones are traveling. Most of us even hire a chauffeur for comfort and security, but it also comes with its own set of challenges.

So, what can be done to ensure the safety of our loved ones when they are out with the chauffeur or by themselves in the car? Buying a GPS tracker with a dash cam in India can be a real lifesaver. Let’s see how you can always offer 360-degree security to your loved ones with a dash cam in India.

Always Have an Eye on Your Loved Ones

Indian roads aren’t safe, and we hear cases of road rage every now and then. Protecting our loved ones in such times becomes essential. Typically installing a dash cam does help in keeping evidence of any mishap. However, most dash cams are manually operated and only record the front view of the car. The drawback is if anyone approaches the vehicle from the side or behind, it’s difficult to put them into the picture.

To solve this issue, devices such as KENT CamEye can be of much help. It has a dual camera that can record both inside and outside the car. Another excellent feature is that KENT CamEye works without any manual intervention and has an inbuilt battery capable of recording for up to 24 hours. Everything is uploaded on the cloud with the help of a preinstalled 4G sim, and all recordings and activities are accessible through the app.

Know if They are in a Difficult Situation

Mishaps happen, cars break down, and other things can happen at any time. Now, this is a scary situation, especially for women and children, either with a chauffeur or alone. All this is even scarier at night. With a dash cam embedded with GPS tracker such as KENT CamEye, it becomes easy to track the location of your loved ones.

Ensure Complete Safety with the Chauffeur

It’s natural to be concerned if your wife or kids travel with the chauffeur and that too late at night. Considering the chauffeur oversees the car, anyone can get scared. It’s a good idea to track the car and know the exact whereabouts. Advanced dash cams like the KENT CamEye have a geofencing alert that sends an alert on the car owner’s phone if the car crosses a defined perimeter. It’s a terrific way to keep track of the vehicle. In fact, the driver will also know that they are being tracked.

Unknown Person Getting inside The Car

Forceful entry or someone driving on behalf of your driver can be worrying and a safety concern. When implementing 360-degree security, it’s essential to consider all aspects and choose a product that is meant to offer the best security. KENT CamEye has an AI-based facial recognition feature that sends an alert to the car owner if someone other than the whitelisted person is driving the car.

The security of our loved ones is our primary concern. In today’s time, it’s essential to take preventive measures and provide absolute security. Dash cams such as KENT CamEye are precisely made to safeguard our loved ones and provide round-the-clock security when in the car. Made in India, KENT CamEye is the most reliable solution for people who are worried about the safety of their loved ones. It’s available only through Amazon India and you can even book a free demo to see the device in action.


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